Cal Poly Pomona Honey
The Cal Poly Bee program includes 60 colonies that provide students with hands on learning under the guidance of the campus apiarist. The bees gather abundant pollen and nectar from our campus grove and farm fields to produce honey which is extracted in our on-campus honey lab. 
This is pure, unheated, unfiltered raw local honey – Fresh and Direct to You!
Avocado Honey
Orange Blossom Honey
Wildflower Honey
This unique honey has a Dark Amber with a creamy, robust taste with a smoky, molasses taste.
Light Amber in color with mild but very sweet flavor with just a hint of citrus flavor.  It works well when mixed with other foods or for baking.
Produced from a variety of flower blossoms, this honey is an ideal sweetener for tea, and delicious when mixed with fruits and added to compliment breakfast foods. Our most popular honey!

Sunflower Honey 

Golden Sun - Kissed Nectar from the Gods. This limited edition honey was produced this Spring from a huge field of Mammoth Sunflowers at AGRIscapes. This honey is dense and creamy with a satisfying gentle taste. In appearance it is a beautiful golden hue reflecting the pollen of the Sunflower.  Available in beautiful  jars. 

CPP Apiary Honey Sticks
A healthy treat filled with pure natural honey, these sticks will put a smile on any kid’s face (Adults Too!)


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