Fashion Trends & Styling - 301

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Product Overview

Fashion Stylist and Fashion Branding - 301

10 hour module | 5 days @ 2 hours | Synchronous online 10 hours of asynchronous work assignments for students

Cycle 1 - Meeting Dates & Times June 14th - 18th 1pm-3pm

Cycle 2 - Meeting Dates & Times July 12th - 16th 1pm-3pm

Have you ever wondered how fashion designers come up with successful designs and collections?  Learn to track and interpret fashion trends to develop new looks for a target consumer.  Using fashion images from the web or photographs of items in your wardrobe, harness your visual communication skills to create a visually-engaging and imaginative fashion styling concept for a target consumer.

You will learn:

  • The components of fashion styling
  • How to identify, interpret and predict fashion trends
  • How to create compelling styling concepts according to gender, body type, and skin tone
  • How to execute an effective visual display of your fashion styling concept

Fashion Stylist

Day 1: 

  • Discover the world of fashion styling.
  • Identify and track fashion trends.
  • Choose an end-use market to work with e.g sportswear, casualwear, streetwear, eveningwear.

Day 2: 

  • Identify a target consumer segment their demographics and
  • Describe their tastes and lifestyle by creating a customer profile. 
  • Collect images from the web tocreate a Lifestyle Collage of your target market/group.

Day 3: 

  • Identify your fashion looks.
  • Use sketches, photographs of items from your wardrobe and/or images you can find on the web, tostyle looks for your chosen target consumer.  
  • Design a Fashion Style Board that highlights your fashion looks/trends.  Please see the examples below.

Day 4: 

  • Investigate magazines that appeal to your target audience.
  • Discover the steps to produce an editorial photoshoot.
  • Create a Magazine Editorial Theme combining words and images to describe your styling concept for a magazine that appeals to your customer.

Day 5: 

  • Present your Lifestyle Collage, Fashion Style Board, and Magazine Editorial Theme



Day 1

  • Explore famous fashion brands and discover their formulas for success. 
  • Develop your own fashion brand, starting with a target consumer group. 
  • Describe the lifestyles, values and beliefs of this target group.

Day 2

  • Choose a name for your brand. 
  • Define your brand’s identity in terms of its values, personality and purpose.

Day 3

  • Create a ‘perceptual map’ of brands competing in the target market with yours. 
  • Position your brand relative to existing brands within the perceptual map.

Day 4

  • Develop a marketing communications campaign for your brand in its target market.

Day 5

  • Present your brand. 
  • Explain its identity, market positioning and your promotional campaign to support it.

Modules will be delivered through zoom-based class discussions, and individual hands-on projects that students can perform at home. No special skills or equipment are required beyond access to a home computer and Internet access. Class sizes will be small (16 maximum) to facilitate inclusion and interaction. 

The program is not for academic credit. On conclusion, students will receive a certificate of completion from the Cal Poly Pomona Huntley College of Agriculture. Each module will run subject to meeting a minimum enrollment.

If modules are cancelled, for any reason, full refunds will be issued promptly.