Fashion Sustainability - 202

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Product Overview

Fashion Sustainability - 102 

10 hour module | 5 days @ 2 hours | synchronous online10 hours of asynchronous work assignments for students

Cycle 1 - Meeting Dates & Times June 14th - 18th 3pm-5pm

Cycle 2 - Meeting Dates & Times July 12th - 16th 3pm-5pm

In this camp you will learn the meaning of sustainability, how to apply your knowledge through activities and how to remain informed after you have completed the course.

You will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the meaning of sustainability.
  • Explore ways in which you can be sustainable by incorporating upcycling practices.
  • Perform a web search on sustainability to enhance your knowledge of sustainable practices and learn how to implement them.
  • Evaluate the sustainability credentials of famous fashion brands.
  • Stay informed and engaged with sustainability after this course.
  • Premeeting assignment survey of outer wear items in your closet.

Day 1 -

  • Discussion:
    • What is sustainability?
    • What does environmental sustainability mean?
    • How does that apply to fashion products?
    • How important an issue is sustainability?
  • Activity: share findings from your closet survey
  • Assignment: garment upcycling

Day 2 -


  • Consumers and sustainability
  • Activity: share ideas on upcycling strategies for an unused garment in your closet
  • Assignment: web search for videos on fashion sustainability

Day 3 -

  • Discussion:
    • Great fashion/ apparel/ textile sustainability
  • Activity: watch and discuss videos
  • Assignment: evaluation of sustainability credentials of fashion brands

Day 4 -

  • Discussion:
    • Sustainable practices of famous apparel brands
  • Activity: share findings from your designated brand
  • Assignment: get acquainted with valuable resources to keep you updated and going after the course.

Day 5 -

  • Discussion:
    • Cradle to cradle fashion and fashion revolution
  • Activity: explore both websites and discuss how this changes your perspective on sustainability and how you will incorporate some of the practices into your everyday life.
  • Finale: course synthesis and takeaways. Discussion, Q&A.

Modules will be delivered through zoom-based class discussions, and individual hands-on projects that students can perform at home. No special skills or equipment are required beyond access to a home computer and Internet access. Class sizes will be small (16 maximum) to facilitate inclusion and interaction. 

The program is not for academic credit. On conclusion, students will receive a certificate of completion from the Cal Poly Pomona Huntley College of Agriculture. Each module will run subject to meeting a minimum enrollment.

If modules are cancelled, for any reason, full refunds will be issued promptly.