Beginning Patternmaking - 102

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Product Overview

Beginning Patternmaking - 102

10 hour module | 5 days @ 2 hours | Synchronous online 10 hours of asynchronous work assignments for students

Cycle 1 - Meeting Dates & Times June 21st - 25th 1pm-3pm

Cycle 2 - Meeting Dates & Times July 19th - 23rd 1pm-3pm

Have you always wanted to know how to create your own patterns from scratch that fit? Pattern making enables you to translate your designs from a single prototype into many future styles. You will learn to work from just measurements to draft a basic skirt, bodice and sleeve pattern block as well as add style lines and create some variations. When you’re done, you will be able to start transforming your basic blocks into hundreds of unique designs!

You will be able to:

  • Learn how to draft patterns from measurements
  • Learn to draft a basic skirt, bodice and sleeve pattern block
  • Learn to add style lines and how to approach style variations
  • Learn to transfer your paper patterns onto fabric in order to cut and sew prototypes.

Day 1-

  • Lesson: where do we get the measurements from? Drafting a basic skirt block
    • How to use standard measurements
    • Getting measurements from form & body
    • Patternmaking basics and symbols
    • Skirt block and variation
  • Activity: draft the basic skirt block

Day 2 -

  • Lesson: basic bodice front
  • Activity: drafting the basic bodice front from measurements

Day 3 -

  • Discussion: basic bodice back
    • How to check for balance and fit
    • Walking patterns, trueing
  • Activity: draft the bodice back and check for fit with the front bodice

Day 4 -

  • Lesson: drafting the basic long sleeve
    • How to make sure sleeve fits the bodice
  • Activity: draft a long sleeve block pattern

Day 5 -

  • Discussion: pattern variations based on your basic pattern blocks
    • How to make different patterns from your blocks
    • How to store your patterns
  • Activity: create a variation style from one of your blocks.
  • Finale: presentation of your final pattern blocks and variation

Modules will be delivered through zoom-based class discussions, and individual hands-on projects that students can perform at home. No special skills or equipment are required beyond access to a home computer and Internet access. Class sizes will be small (16 maximum) to facilitate inclusion and interaction. 

The program is not for academic credit. On conclusion, students will receive a certificate of completion from the Cal Poly Pomona Huntley College of Agriculture. Each module will run subject to meeting a minimum enrollment.

If modules are cancelled, for any reason, full refunds will be issued promptly.