Basic Sewing & Clothing Construction -103

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Basic Sewing & Clothing Construction - 103

10 hour module | 5 days @ 2 hours | synchronous online 10 hours of asynchronous work assignments for students

Cycle 1 - Meeting Dates & Times June 28th - Jul 2nd 3pm-5pm

Cycle 2 - Meeting Dates & Times July 26th - 30th 3pm-5pm

Always wanted to learn to sew but were too intimidated to start? This is for those who are completely new to sewing and covers everything you need to know to start stitching anything from garments to accessories... and beyond! Students will be given knowledge of hand and machine sewing. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of sewing by creating a mini messenger bag (or top) from start to finish!

You will be able to:

  • Learn basic hand sewing techniques
  • Learn how to use the basic home sewing machine and the use of basic sewing tools.
  • Learn basic construction techniques for garments and accessories
  • You will learn to sew a tote bag, (or top) from start to finish.

Day 1 -

  • Lesson: Basic hand sewing
    • Getting familiar with basic terms and tools
    • Basic hand stitches
  • Activity: Sew basic stitch samples get materials ready for mini messenger bag (or top)

Day 2 -

  • Lesson: Sewing Machine basics
    • Sewing machine parts and basic operation
    • Hems and finishing /topstitching
  • Activity: Continue with mini messenger back (or top)

Day 3 -

  • Discussion: Basic clothing construction
    • How clothing gets put together
    • Selecting fabric and patterns to use
    • Sewing elastic and ruffles/using the zig zag stitch
  • Activity: Continue with mini messenger bag (or top)

Day 4 -

  • Lesson: Sewing closures: buttons and zippers
    • How to add closures to your garments and accessories
  • Activity: Continue with mini messenger (or top)

Day 5 -

  • Discussion: How to use basic sewing to applique and embellish
    • Customize your garments
  • Activity: Finish your mini messenger bag (or top)
  • Finale: Presentation of sewn item